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Not since a 2013 Fun Seeker trip to Atlanta's Gardens, had our PVC girls made a trip like this! Fortunately, Gainesville's own, Atlanta Botanical Garden is close by and so off to to an early start on Wednesday, June 1, they began the tour at 9 AM. The photos tell most of the story, but specific mention should be made of Patrick Dougherty's "Woven Whimsy" unique stick-works, and the unusual Model Train Garden. To see more click here.

After completing their visit to the Gardens, but before lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company , there was time for, you guessed it; thrifting !  Reports are that the thrifting was successful with lots of laughs and the lunch was excellent!  After lunch our "gardeners" split up; some for more thrifting and others, for more conventional pursuits, as they slowly progressed back to Paradise.  I think it fair to say, "a good time was had by all" !