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Paradise Valley Campground is very fortunate to be located close to several Georgia State Parks. Looking for a morning hike followed by a picnic lunch, our hikers selected the loop trail around the lake in Vogel State Park, located north of Paradise on Hwy 129 just south of Blairsville. After picking a picnic table close to the stream that runs to the lake, our hikers began their mile plus mostly flat trek on Trahlyta Lake Trail. This trail crosses the earth dam constructed by the CCC in 1935. A spur trail just past the spillway, leads down to an observation area where one can observe the water crashing over the rocks. The walk on the other side of the lake includes boat rental area, swimming beach and the Park store. After a relaxing lunch listening to the stream over the rocks, a visit to the store and a tour of the RV and tent camping areas, our hikers headed back to Paradise after good time at Vogel State Park.