pvc4u.net, the Original Paradise Valley Website, has been authored, owned and published by John Coons since late 2004. John and  wife, Lanell, who aids him in these web efforts, spend their summers in the beautiful Paradise Valley Campground.

First designed to become the Campground's web site, differences with the 2005 Paradise Valley Board of Directors, resulted in the creation of a second, new and different web site, pvcoa dot-com, the content of which was to be directed by that Board. No content was ever provided, no direction was ever given, and the domain and site design were finally abandoned some two years later, simply never used. Of course, pvc4u continued and grew through this intervening period.

Now once again, some seven years later, beginning late in the 2011/2012 Annual Year, yet another Paradise Valley Board has determined that it must have a website it directs and funds at all owners expense. As before,  pvc4u  continues... will continue. It's growing too. Unique, Individual visits exceeded 150 / day Mar, Apr & May of 2013. In 2014 Apr, May & June exceeded 200 per day average as did Feb and Mar 2015.

Our on going goal is to provide useful information and services for individual PVC property owners, and prospective buyers / sellers of Paradise Valley RV properties. To that end maps, services, RV lots for sale / rent, events, Newsletters, documents, classifieds and more are available to you here, together with selected links to other websites for services and general related use. Google ads are incorporated on some pages in hopes of providing some click revenue to offset the direct cost of this effort. Your continuing support is appreciated!

We welcome suggestions and comments.  Please visit the Contact page to get in touch.

We are always looking for appropriate photos to freshen the site. Please let us know if you wish to see a photo or two of yours here. We are using a new photos format after 2012.

Visit our other web sites :
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   www.scrv.us - The early days of a web site for Shelter Cove RV Condominium, Saint Cloud, FL

We hope you enjoy your visit !  Come back often.

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