In response to the many questions we answer regularly from folks investigating purchase and new owners too, we created this page. If you discover something that you need to know about is missing, please let us know. We hope to answer your questions and capsule what ownership in Paradise Valley is really all about. Did we do that ?

WHAT Paradise Valley Campground ( PVC ) has 289 privately owned deeded RV Lots on 60.3 acres of rolling terrain, easy access, paved roads, a not-heated pool, coin laundry facilities, a pavilion with kitchen and extensive common property. Averaging less than 5 lots per gross acre, PVC is organized with an Association under Georgia non-profit HOA laws ( NOT Georgia's later POA laws) and is managed hands-on by our elected Board Members. In addition to RVs, small cabins and sheds are allowed on lots, space permitting. 12-Wide Park Models are permitted. RVs must be self contained and a minimum of 26 feet. Lot sizes vary considerably up to one acre. PVC has many, many trees, nice views and significant frontage on Town Creek, a stocked trout stream. The annual cost of ownership is very reasonable. See Maps page for a variety of Campground and area maps.

WHY PVC was a for-profit venture that opened, marketing lots to the greater Atlanta area offering close-by, cool mountain recreation for as little as $5,000. The project was developed by Broadway & Davis, beginning in the very early nineties following their successful completion of Brookside, another deeded lot RV park in this area. .

WHEN The first Plat (lot map) was recorded in March of 1992. Phase II was recorded in 1993; III in 1994. Remarkably PVC reached nine phases; probably a record for an RV Park. Phase IX was recorded in 2001. Developer lots were sold until mid 2006. An "anti-new park", White County RV Park Code was adopted in 2005. It places certain restrictions on lot improvements in existing parks. County Permits / Inspections in the nineties were at best minimal. Current Permits, Inspections and Planning review, tends to mirror most urban areas, although the County is mostly rural? White County attitudes and regulations are constantly changing (not stable) so verify carefully and do not assume you may do what was done in the past or that today's rules (practices) will be good tomorrow. Construction permits for new cabins are now often processed through a make work "Variance" procedure, which has largely had outcomes favorable to owners, although at extra cost. 

WHERE PVC is in the North Georgia Mountains' foothills in White County, about 6 miles north of the City of Cleveland, 30528. ( Latitude 34.637657, Longitude -83.850106, Elevation 1650' ) The park address is 1000 Paradise Valley Road. To get to PVC take #129 North from Cleveland, to Paradise Valley Rd left, just past Linda's Chevron Station. PVC is slightly over a mile on your right. It's easy access all the way and no steep hills. There are several road signs in front of PVC. The North Carolina border is about 38 miles north on #129 through Blairsville, GA. See the Maps page on this site for more detail. The Campground address is, 1000 Paradise Valley Road, Cleveland, GA 30528.  Mail sent to this address is received by the Board of Directors.

USE Both Paradise Valley documents and White County Zoning specify  “recreational use”  yet around 35 lots are occupied all year, by owners who reside here. [ Historically, owners have resided here in varying numbers, since the beginning even while “recreation use only” is specified (codified). This author is unaware of any prohibition against staying here at any specific time of the year. ] The Paradise Valley Board, beginning in the Spring of 2015, following a “winter of difficulties”, initiated a program to identify and enroll those residing here as “Caretakers”, providing assigned duties. They also authored a “rental protocol” which directs "no rental of lots" from November through March. ( "reside" here = residence location;  vote, file taxes, billing address, SS, etc, etc ) In 2016 a Board sponsored By Laws change was voted (approved) by the general ownership to formally establish the Annual Season as April 1 to October 31.

Since these Board actions, we have received an endless flow of questions about general lot use, living here, and renting here, too!  I offer these simple declarative statements to provide answers and a basic understanding of our current situation:

(1) Do not rent a lot in PVC from November 1 through March, as specified by the 2015 Board authored “rental protocol”. 
(2) You are welcome to purchase and use a lot for your RV home base if you actually travel some with the RV or use your lot seasonally or intermittently. Similarly, if your lot has a "parked" RV or park model or any form of RV other than a "moving RV", seasonal, intermittent use or use with extended absence, is welcome. A separate (location elsewhere), maintained legal residence address, is significant in establishing and/or verifying this criteria under marginal or questionable circumstances.
(3) You are not to simply occupy a lot, with any type of RV unit, and just be present there continuously, annually, as if your lot /RV were a single family home, thereby establishing residence. Exceptions to this condition, are those lot/RV owners granted Caretaker status by the Board of Directors.





Building Permits - PVC Architectural Visit PVC Committee*. Read the Covenants.
Cable TV (Service Ended 10/2013) none Nex3 Communications. Out of Business.
Chamber of Commerce 706-865-5356 Cleveland; or Dahlonega CC 706-864-3711
City of Cleveland Library 706-865-5572 Library in City of Cleveland
Post Office 706-865-4511 30528 - across from Ingles on 75. Box available.
Vet Hospital 706-865-3188 Cleveland Vet Hospital
Closings, Real Estate 706-865-3999 Atty. Don Ferguson, Cleveland; the most PVC experience
Dues / Fees PVC PVC dues / year $488. for 2015, pay in May. See Treasurer*
Electric Service 706-754-2114 Habersham EMC Electric Utility  ($25/mo + used KWs)
Emergency 911 Fire, Ambulance, Crime (Hospital in Gainesville)
Eye Care 706-219-4444 Dalton Family Eyecare, Dr. Calvin Dalton 
Fire Station, White County # 6    6449 US 129; about 2 mi from PVC; nearest
Gate "Clickers"  PVC entry gate Treasurer  for standard clickers*.   Email here for small clickers; fits golf car,  motorcycle,  keychain ( $ 10 )
Golden Age Passport 770-297-3000 Gainesville. (now: America the Beautiful pass)
Hospital 770-219-9000 Gainesville, GA. No hospital in White County
Internet Access DSL 800-501-1754 Windstream. Walk-in, Cleveland, So. #129, sr. discount
WIFI Hot Spot at PVC Pavilion, pass protected, paid for by owners, short range
Cell Phone 706-894-2223 Verizon - Best reception, maybe? Location dependent !!  ATT network OK some lots. Sprint good some lots.
Insurance - cabins, lots, contents  706-348-8892 Van Keith Agency, Cleveland - "Auto Owners" Homeowners 
Mail Delivery PVC has boxes  Rent $15 old or $25 newer (CBU), per yr. See Treasurer*
Newspaper, Local 706-865-4718 White County News  print, online, classifieds
Property Tax Assessor 706-865-5328 Typical tax $200 to $600. Payments due Dec.
Real Estate Sales 706-865-1906 Mt. Country has most PVC listings
Services, All Types Contractors, Etc. See Services for various topics.
Telephone, Land Line 800-501-1754 Windstream, DSL & DISH bundles too. Careful !!
Television, DirecTV (satellite) 706-253-6988 Satellite Activations, a dealer in Canton; install & service
Television, DISH  (satellite) 706-865-1956 Local DISH Corp Office; install, service & referral to sales
Trailer Parking (storage) PVC storage lot Spaces $120 / yr. Utility only. See Treasurer*
Trash Disposal PVC dumpsters Household up front, Big stuff in back. Read RULES!   Map
Water & Sewer Wells & Septic  Two PVC Water Systems  &  many septic tanks.
White County Animal Control 706-219-2689  
Building Dept. 706-865-6496 County Offices Hwy 75
Planning Dept. 706-865-6768 County Offices Hwy 75
Health Dept. 706-865-2191 County Offices Hwy 75
Recycle 706-865-6768 Cans, cardboard, appliances & more. Call.
Commission 706-865-2235 County Commission, Courthouse, Cleveland
Tax Comm. 706-865-2225 N Brooks St, Cleveland. Tags & registration
Sr Center 706-865-4097  County Offices Hwy 75
Sheriff 706-865-5177 Non emergency contact
Public Records 706-865-2613 Clerk of Court, Courthouse, Cleveland
Poisons 800-282-5846 Call for info & help if needed 

* To get in contact with the Treasurer or PVC Committees leave a message 706-865-9645.

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