Do you have something valuable gathering dust around your RV?  Your Park Model?  Is your shed overflowing with stuff you plan to use some day, but never get to it?  Consider offering it for sale right here . It will be seen by others in our Campground and those visiting this website. These free listings are for Paradise Valley Campground owners. This is a good way to convert unused items to cash. Try it ! See the instructions below.

The most direct method of placing a listing on this page is to Email us with an attached photo of the item. Within the Email give the particulars, providing the information you feel a buyer might need to know to seriously consider what you are offering. Keep it brief and to the point. Make getting in touch easy for an interested party. Please include an Email address in your ad. If you have a complex ad or ad sheet completed, simply send that and we will create a separate page, just as the RV lot listings are done.  Feel free to include RVs, cars, golf cars, etc as well as household items. The minimum asking price for an item is $10.00. If you are not part of the digital world yet, simply mail your stuff to us. We will scan regular photo prints for digital presentation here. 

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